For over 20 years METALGUARD, has been providing quality industrial metal leak stop repairs, roof coating, industrial waterproofing, industrial metal roof repairs and renovations to customers across Houston Texas and the midwest. Whether you need repairs to your rusty metal roof or complex renovations of large facilities involving a change of use or a reconfiguration of the facility, our experts can help. Our experienced industrial roofing staff have a great deal of pride in their work.  They are truly craftsmen, we will complete your project on time and within budget.  For more information on metal roofing or to get started on your project, please call: 800.231.6971.  We work at commercial sites, warehouses, and plants as strict as chemical plants.  We are members of Houston Area Safety Council, we work in and have a green light to work in many plants thru DISA, our safety programs are approved thru ISNetworld and Avetta.

Yes, the building below is the same building as above. Metalguard, metal building renovation and repair contractor.

Both the photo above and below this section showcases one of our projects. The building was originally constructed in the 1940's. Our experienced staff installed new insulation,  repaired and added steel structure, completed frame and footprint modification, new paint job, new metal walls, and new galvalume plus roof panels.

After metal building renovation and repairs

After metal building renovation and repairs

Upon completion of this extensive commercial & industrial pre-engineered renovation, this industrial building looked just like a recently constructed pre-engineered metal building, as opposed to a steel and block building first built during the 1940's.  New insulation, new metal wall and roof panels (25 year factory warranty), new block, repaired and added steel structure, frame/footprint modification, new paint job,  and new mechanicals and electric.  For 1/4 the price of new in 1/3 the time to occupancy!  For greater insight into the type of work our experts provide check out our service pages.

We have worked on virtually every type of pre-engineered metal building including Butler, Varco Pruden (VP), American Steel Buildings, Nucor, Star, Arco, General Steel, Whirl Wind, Chief Buildings, Allied Steel Buildings, Federal Steel Buildings, Ceco Building Systems, to name just a few.  After 20 years of providing metal roof repair services to pre-engineered metal buildings we have a lot of experience with many different type of buildings.   In the end the construction has changed over the last 50 years but the basic structures are all very similar.   

Metal building repair contractor

We are a metal building repair contractor.  Below (August 2016); before replacing metal wall panels, j-trim, and cutting out and replacing the damaged steel Cee channel frames supporting the overhead doors.  Update, July 2017:  Just finishing replacing the metal roof on the pre-engineered metal building below.  We work with building owners and managers on building repairs, accomplishing goals as the budget allows.

Before repairing metal building wall panels, overhead frame, J trim, and corner trim ... simple repair

Before repairing metal building wall panels, overhead frame, J trim, and corner trim ... simple repair

Metal building wall panel repair in process

Metal building wall panel repair in process

We are metal building repair contractors involved with repairing all components of metal building.

Waterproofing & Metal Roof Coating

Metal roof elastomeric roof coating, urethane sealant

Metal roof elastomeric roof coating, urethane sealant

Industrial Waterproofing and industrial roof coating a galvanized metal roof, with a white elastomeric roof coating. Project location; Houston, TX.  Three buildings, 325,000 sq. ft.  Upscale, nationwide, wholesale furniture distribution facility.  Completed May, 2015

METALGUARD has been renovating  commercial and industrial, pre-engineered metal and steel buildings since 1996.  

Metal roof coating - elastomeric

With over 20 years of experience behind us, we focus on safety, quality and fair pricing. Our projects range from industrial roof repairs to complex renovations of large facilities involving a change of use or a reconfiguration of the facility. Our customers range from small businesses to Fortune 50 companies.  In fact, we currently have a 3 year maintenance contract with one of the 5 largest companies in the world.  



Please give us a call, (800) 231-6971.   We provide complimentary estimates, and are always ready to help establish a budget number for your steel roof or building. Above, Detroit, MI  2012

Metal roof sealing and coating in process.

Metal roof sealing and coating in process.

Sealing Metal Roof Leaks

To the left a roof sealing in process.

A metal roof does not require a coating application to be leak free.  

During the sealing application process a fluid applied seamless membrane is installed at every potential water entry point.  Fasteners, penetrations, transitions, ridge cap, and rake trim, are common roof areas requiring sealing.  

A roof coating is beneficial, however, if the budget isn't sufficient, a sealing application can be a very good option.

Project completed November, 2015, warranted thru 2020, Houston, TX

Sealing a metal roof leak

Spot Sealing

We can economically stop a single persistent metal roof leak, or all of your steel roof leaks.  Our 20 years of experience has taught us the methods that work.  With our test studies, we know which urethane sealants and roof coatings that work best with steel roof panels.

Metal roof cut and paste with new skylights

Metal roof cut and paste with new skylights

Replace the roof or waterproof and coat? Cut and Paste.

 When restoring a metal roof, some elements can be restored, and others require replacement.   In the above, part of the metal roof was rotted out, and replaced with new R panels.   The remainder waterproofed and coated.  The skylights were also replaced.

Metal roof coatings

The metal roof coating process includes arresting any rust, protecting the sealing products, and extending the life of your metal roof.

In addition, the coating provides a bright, fresh, new finish which has a high level of reflectivity.   We provide warranties up to 10 years.   Tough enough for metal building leaks in Houston, TX

Metal building renovations, repairs, and waterproofing, Houston TX.

We also repair built-up roofs, rubber roofs, TPO heat weld roofs, any commercial or industrial roof.