Metal building repairs - cut and paste repairs, save money by only replacing the damaged sections.


Metal building repairs, cut and paste

.  A common question is; do I have to replace all of my metal roof or wall panels, or can I just replace the defective, or damaged, ones?  Thats up to you!  In the above metal building repair, the bottom of the wall panels had been damaged by materials being piled in front, the building owner decided to save money and just replace the damaged section for this building in Houston, TX.  


The old panel was cut out and new panel installed, the base angle support replaced as necessary.  At completion it looked great!





This metal building had rusted thru metal roof panels along the eave, along with other areas around the roof.   This caused the metal roof to leak.


photo 1-2.JPG

The rusted metal roof panels at the eave on this rusty leaking metal roof were cut out and replaced with new matching metal panels.  The seams where the old and new panels were joined were sealed using butyl caulk tape between the panels.  This provides a long term water tight seal. In addition to the rusted thru eave panels, all other panels found to be beyond repair on the roof were replaced.  Houston, TX

Metal building repair Houston, Texas