Metal Building Renovation - From abandoned 

to clean, bright, productive space!

The above services include steel replacement, industrial metal building painting, and insulation replacement.

Our metal building renovation projects range from simple inexpensive small projects to complete building renovations.  Before we begin some renovations the question being considered is should I tear down the building and start over or should I renovate it.  Also, we always put safety first. 

When replacement panels are necessary, we know who to call.  We work with over 10 different metal building component manufacturers, if the profile of  your metal wall or roof panel is still being produced, we know where to find it.  We also know how to adjust if it is out of production.

Sometimes it is desirable to alter the structure of your building.  In the above, the end wall was aligned with the flow of the railroad track before we squared it off.  It had been angled to accommodate an old train track.

At completion, the renovated building looked like new, and at a fraction of the price of replacement!  Also, it can be completed in a fraction of the time, without the hassle of all of  permits required with new construction.

Metal building repairs and renovations, Houston Tx, MI, OH, IL, IN, AL.  Call about other areas.