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Metal building repair contractor-The above shows damaged, moldy, insulation before our industrial painting and retrofit insulation repair services began. It was very ugly and had no R-value.

int insul.jpg

Retrofit insulation after the repair. We pressure washed the steel and painted it.  The renovation increased R-value. The new surface is easy to clean. New insulation facings range from economy to high impact resistant sporting complex quality. Houston, TX


Roof access was provided by installing a new roof hatch. Detroit, MI

A new paint job with new skylight panels on the walls.  

Pearland, TX

Painting a steel column in process.  Restored to the original red prime color.

The above metal building repair, Corpus Christi, Texas

Metal building renovations performed in Houston TX, and the Midwest, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.


bfr sk.jpg

Metal building repair contractor-This old skylight in this metal roof leaked and was not allowing sunlight in.


Installing a building addition to a pre-engineered metal building.


New turbines and roof vents installed on this metal roof. The turbine and vents help exhaust the hot air.  We are also very skilled at sealing leaking roof vents.


New metal awning, customized to match your size requirements. Houston, TX

This building was transformed from rusty and dull to bright, and clean at the completion of painting the metal building.

photo 2.jpg

This is before cleaning and painting the interior of the metal building roof and frame.


With this replacement skylight, more light and no leaks!

gutter screen.jpg

An internal gutter is sealed, then an industrial roof leaf guard is installed over the internal gutter.  The industrial roof leaf screen prevents the gutter drains from clogging.


New metal roof installed, 20 year manufacturers warranty.  Toledo, OH

Roof turbines and vents are an efficient way to exhaust hot air passively from a buildings.  Thousands of cubic feet per minute can be exhausted.  During the long stretch of 100 plus degree days in Houston, TX this is a nice feature to add to a building.





Part of an interior renovation, a little cleaning and paint goes a long way.