Metal building renovation, completed. The above pre-engineered metal building renovation included;  columns, purlins, girts, Cee channel, metal roof, walls, doors, trim, and insulation. At 1/3 the cost of new construction.

After a metal building renovation.  Wall panel and roof panel replacement.

Metal building renovation

Metal building renovation before wall panel and roof replacement.

Metal building renovation before wall panel and roof replacement.

Metal building renovation after replacing wall and roof panels.

Metal building renovation after replacing wall and roof panels.

Renovation, completed. The building owner of this industrial renovation picked the factory paint colors for the new metal panels for the walls, and roof.  The color was also selected for the gutters and downspouts.  The baked-on factory finish includes a 20 year manufacturer warranty.   Indianapolis, IN 

Above, before the start of this renovation the steel had seen better days.

 Notice, at the completion of the renovation below, the brick columns have been removed, man doors and overhead doors installed, and the roof tier has been removed so the new metal roof is all on the same plane. We have many years of experience of replacing the roof and wall panels on metal buildings.

Steel building before renovation

During the renovation process.  The owner purchased this building to relocate his operations into it.  To expedite the renovation we striped it to its structure and rebuilt it.  At completion it was as if it was a new pre-engineered metal building.

New Metal Roof

After, a new metal roof, metal wall panels, and interior insulation.  The building now has a clean, updated look.  Ready to be used for commercial, industrial, or warehouse activities.   The factory painted panels include a 20 year manufacturer warranty.  Each renovation is different, most renovations remain operational while work is being performed.

Before Renovation

Before, this building required constant maintenance.

Paint and renovation before

Paint and renovation before

Above, before the metal building renovation, there was a gap between these two metal buildings.  The buildings were connected and renovated.    During the metal building renovation there was not a disruption in business.                


Internal Renovation Before

Interior renovation, before pictures can be difficult due to lighting challenges.   



Old building look

Before this renovation this building had an outdated look.  The windows were removed, and insulation added.

Metal roof preparation

Above, cleaning and preparing the roof, columns, and purlins for paint and new insulation.





Damaged metal wall pannels

A very strong wind storm, just outside the "windy city" (East Chicago, IN), blew off the wall panels that had been installed on this facility.

Metal wall panels








Below, installing a new roof and walls on this building constructed with a steel pipe frame.

This renovation required repairs and adjustment to the frame to accommodate the new doors.  After the repairs the frame was painted white.

Metal frame repair
After building renovation 

After the metal renovation.  The cinder blocks and the end of the walls were cut to provide a clean finish and a 20 year maintenance free roof.

Paint and renovation After

Paint and renovation After

After, a metal building addition has been installed between the two previously unconnected buildings. Walls painted, roof waterproofed and coated. Houston, TX

Internal Renovation After

After renovation, this is a result of a new metal roof and walls  with new insulation, the new insulation helps bounce the light.  The interior steel structure was also primed and painted.  

Metal Parapet wall and roof

In addition to the metal parapet wall, a new standing seam metal roof was installed over the old flat roof. Detroit, MI

Industrial roof panting 

At the end of renovating the interior of the building on the left.

Building Clean up


Above, after the wall panels had been removed.

The renovation of this metal building included new steel structure.   New wall girts and angle base, were welded onto the existing frame.  

The top 10ft. of the 40ft wall was cleared.  Translucent panels were installed in this area.  For the rest of the wall new wall panels were installed.

There was no disruption in production during this renovation.

Some industrial metal buildings are large, others are larger.  This building is 2,400 feet long. Chicago, IL

After the renovation this steel pipe frame building looked just like any other pre-engineered metal building.

Metal frame painting & repaired
Complete metal building renovated

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