Painting galvanized metal wall panels.  This is one our recent painting projects at completion. 

Before painting.

Before painting.

Painting galvanized metal wall panels.  In the above picture, the project is almost complete.

We use paint designed specifically for metal.  In the case of this building its original finish was a galvanized.  The old paint did not nave good adhesion, the panel was not properly primed.  After pressure washing and scraping the building we primed the building with a primer designed for a galvanized surface. 

Painting galvanized wall panels requires not only a quality primer, but quality prep work.  Using a high pressure power washer with a rotating zero degree tip is critical.  Followed by scraping, followed by a second cleaning process of power washing and scraping.  

When painting galvanized wall panels that have previously painted incorrectly it requires a lot of patience.


There are quite a few ways we add value during the painting process;

Experience: We have been painting metal buildings for 20 years.  We know how to properly treat problem areas like paint peeling from a galvanized wall panel.

Metal panel repairs: With almost all painting projects we replace sections of metal wall panels prior to starting on the painting process.  Dented, rusted thru, and punctured wall panels are often replaced.  In most cases this is accomplished by using a cut and paste method.  So that just the bad sections are replaced.  

Wall panel skylights: Another common upgrade prior to painting a metal building is to add wall skylight panels.  It is a great way to add light.