Awnings can be designed and installed based the needs of the buildings.  With or without gutters and downspouts.

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Roof Access Systems

Roof access systems are easily installed meeting OSHA requirements.  The proper hatch size and designed is selected based on the customers requirements.


New Skylight Panels

New skylight panels provide "free" light.  There are three different grades of "light emitting panels".  

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Parallax Scrolling

Marquee utilizes an effect known as "parallax scrolling" (different elements on the page scroll at different speeds) on the header images to present your content in a dynamic and interactive way.


The Index Collection

Build your presentation-style layout by adding pages to the Index Collection. The Thumbnail Image for each page will be its "header" image. The Thumbnail Image, Page Title, and Description are set in Page Settings.



The UV rays of the Sun dry out the oils in translucent skylight panels.  As the oil is dried out, the fiberglass resins are exposed and capture dirt and dust.


Other notable features

Turn off parallax scrolling

You can turn off the parallax scrolling effect if you just want a simple single-page layout. 

First Index Image Fullscreen

You can choose to have the first image in the Index collection be fullscreen or match the height of the other images. 

Hide Page Title

You can choose to hide the page/collection titles. 

Hide Parallax Nav

You can hide the index nav. 

Index Image Height

You can set the height of all the index images to be full-screen, two-thirds or half.

Title & Description Position

You can choose to place the Title & Description on top of or under the main image.

Footer Background Color

Set the footer background color. The color of the text in the footer will be automatically set to white or black depending on the lightness of the color you chose to ensure it is legible.